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・[Last updated: May .1, 2023] 노보텔 오키나와 나하 호텔 시설 및 서비스 운영시간
[Eating , Drinking , Smoking is strictly prohibited beside the pool area.]
The pools’ water is maintained based on strict Japanese Water Quality Standard Laws to ensure your safety.
Okinawa is blessed with mild winters and long summers. To make the most of Naha’s subtropical climate, head to the 3rd floor. There you’ll find our pristine Infinity Pool, the children’s pool and the BBQ Terrace – all with magnificent views of the city from the hills of Shuri. A superb spot in Naha for watching the sunset and starry sky.

※Visible tattoos must be covered by wearing a rash guard or concealing tape.
슈리의 언덕에서 바라보는 풍경과 하나가 된 호텔이 자랑하는 인피니티 풀
흘러가는 구름과 바람을 느낄 수 있는 열린 공간은 몸과 마음을 모두 릴렉스할 수 있는 오아시스
※눈에 보이는 문신은 래쉬 가드 또는 은폐 테이프를 착용하여 가려야합니다.

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brand marker Novotel Okinawa Naha ☆☆☆☆

40 Matsugawa, Naha, 902-0062 Okinawa
전화번호: +81 (0)98 887 1111
팩스: +81 (0) 98 886 5591

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